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Your Ecommerce Tax Accountant

Dealing with ecommerce sales tax can be complex. As your ecommerce tax accountant, we’re here to simplify it for you, ensuring accurate tax preparation and compliance without the hassle.


Our Ecommerce Tax Accountant Services

As an ecommerce business it faces unique tax challenges. Our tax preparation services are designed to meet these specific needs, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

We handle your business tax returns, ensuring they are accurately prepared and filed on time.

Understanding and managing sales tax for online transactions is a unique challenge for ecommerce sellers. We guide you in selecting the right third-party sales tax provider. Our assistance includes helping you register for a sales tax certificate with the state and determining your specific sales tax filing obligations. Whether you’re an Amazon or Shopify seller, we recognize that each platform has different requirements and we tailor our guidance to suit your particular situation.

Whether it’s understanding the economic nexus or dealing with multi-state sales tax, our team provides the expertise you need.

We don’t just prepare your taxes; we plan ahead to help you minimize your tax liability and take advantage of relevant deductions and credits.

If you face any inquiries or audits from tax authorities, we’re here to represent and support you.

Have questions about how ecommerce sales tax works or your specific tax situation? We’re here to provide clear, helpful answers.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Stanley Nyazamba
Stanley Nyazamba
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I have worked with Anderson Accounting for a while. Ms. Desarie is a very personable, a great communicator and problem solver. Everything is done timely. She has done various projects for my small business.
pascal kabore
pascal kabore
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Great service all the way since first day until every mountain is been leveled in my business and personal taxes. Trustworthy, accurate, on time , responsive and always open to opinions and advises Desarie guided me thru from achievement to …
Nico Gee
Nico Gee
Read More
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Desarie on several tax projects, she pays close attention to detail, is a great team player and has a superb knowledge of the tax code. I highly recommend Desarie both for your personal and …
Grace Okereke
Grace Okereke
Read More
I worked briefly in Atlanta and needed help understanding the US tax system. Anderson Accounting provided me with a professional service that assisted me in getting my financial affairs in order.
Kevin Wesley
Kevin Wesley
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Very helpful thank you so much for our consultation, I look forward to doing business with the Anderson Accouting Co.

Why Choose Us As Your Ecommerce Tax Accountant

You need an accountant who understands ecommerce inside and out. Here’s why we’re the right choice for you:

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Personalized Service

Your business is unique, and so are your tax needs. We offer tailored solutions.

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Expert Knowledge

Our team is up-to-date with the latest in ecommerce tax regulations, ensuring you’re always compliant.

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Clear Communication

We speak your language, making tax matters straightforward and understandable.

Our Ecommerce Tax Accountant Services Process

Our ecommerce tax accountant services process is clear and user friendly.

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Step 1

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Your journey starts with a complimentary discovery call. Here, you’ll tell us about your ecommerce business – the successes, the challenges, and your aspirations. It’s our opportunity to understand the unique aspects of your business.

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Step 2

Analyze Your
Financial Data

We review your financial records to grasp the specifics of your ecommerce business requirements. This thorough review isn’t just about numbers; it’s about identifying the tax challenges and opportunities unique to your business.

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Step 3

Customized Financial Strategy

With a clear understanding of your situation, we put together a plan that’s all about your business. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a plan that targets your specific issues – from sorting out mixed-up transactions to fixing old mistakes.

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Step 4


We don’t just create a plan and step back. We’re with you every step of the way, implementing the strategy and adapting as your business evolves. We ensure your tax processes are efficient, compliant, and aligned with your business growth.

Speak To An Ecommerce Tax Accountant

Ready to tackle your ecommerce tax questions? Schedule a call with us for detailed insights and solutions tailored to your business’s unique tax needs.

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Ecommerce Tax Accountant ‘Near Me’

Our location in Lithonia, Georgia, doesn’t limit our reach. If you’re searching for ‘ecommerce tax accountant services near me’ anywhere in the U.S., we’re equipped to serve you. Our expertise in ecommerce tax is accessible no matter where your business is located.

At Anderson Accounting, we combine cutting-edge technology with our specialized knowledge in ecommerce taxation, providing a service that’s flexible, contemporary, and always accessible, no matter your location in the U.S.

Benefits Of Our Ecommerce Tax Accountant Services

With our specialized ecommerce tax accountant services, you gain more than just tax compliance; you gain a partner dedicated to the financial clarity and success of your online business.

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Your Tax Position

We provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date tax reports. This means you can make informed decisions quickly, without getting lost in complex tax details.

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Stress-Free Tax Compliance

Navigating ecommerce tax laws and regulations can be overwhelming. We take care of this for you, ensuring your business adheres to the latest tax standards and giving you peace of mind.

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Remote Access To Information

Your financial information is accessible wherever you are. Our cloud-based solutions offer you the convenience of checking your tax status anytime, anywhere.

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Simplified Tax Management

Our approach to managing your ecommerce taxes is straightforward and user-friendly, saving you time and reducing complexity.

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Direct & Easy Communication

Our online platform ensures that getting in touch with us is hassle-free. You stay informed and connected regarding your tax matters.

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Secured Financial Data

We understand the importance of keeping your financial data safe. Our secure, encrypted cloud storage ensures your information is protected at all times.

Ecommerce Tax Solutions Tailored For Your Business

Choose Anderson Accounting for specialized ecommerce tax preparation services that fit your unique business needs. Our team excels in delivering accurate tax solutions, insightful advice, and tailored strategies to simplify your ecommerce tax management.


Got a question about our ecommerce tax accountant services? We’ve got the answers. If you’re still sitting with questions, get in touch with us.

Economic nexus is a tax term that refers to the sales threshold at which a business operating outside a state is required to collect and pay sales tax in that state, often triggered by a specific level of sales or transactions.

Physical nexus is established when a business has a tangible presence in a state, like an office, warehouse, or store, obligating the business to comply with that state’s sales tax laws.

Sales tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires the seller to collect and remit sales tax in that state. This can be due to physical presence (physical nexus) or sales activity (economic nexus).

Yes, ecommerce sites often need to charge sales tax, depending on their nexus in different states. The rules vary by state and are based on where their customers are located.

Ecommerce sales tax is calculated based on the buyer’s location. If the seller has a nexus in the buyer’s state, they must collect and remit sales tax according to that state’s rates and rules.

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