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Ecommerce Accounting Services

Our ecommerce accounting services help growing online stores that are experiencing a growth spurt, maximize profits and minimize taxes through tailored bookkeeping & tax planning.

Ecommerce Accounting Services

Our Ecommerce Accounting Services

Managing the financial side of your beauty or e-commerce business can be complex. At Anderson Accounting & Tax, we offer ecommerce accounting services specifically designed for the challenges and opportunities of your industry. Our aim is to simplify your financial management, ensuring compliance, and enhancing profitability.


Accurate financial records are key for e-commerce success. We ensure your books are accurate and up-to-date.

Tax Preparation

We focus on maximizing deductions and ensuring compliance to reduce your tax liabilities.

Quarterly Estimated
Tax Reports

Stay ahead with our quarterly tax assessments which aid your business in planning and preventing penalties.

Year-End Tax
Projection Reports

Get a clear picture of year-end liabilities to inform strategic planning for the fiscal year ahead.

Tax Risk

Identify and manage tax-related risks with our strategies designed to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Tax Planning

Proactive tax planning throughout the year to optimize financial decisions and reduce tax liabilities.

QuickBooks Online
Cleanup Service

Tidy up your QuickBooks data for accurate financial tracking and reporting.

Diagnostic Review

A comprehensive review of your QuickBooks Online to identify discrepancies and improve financial reporting.

Why Choose Ecommerce Accounting Services?

At Anderson Accounting we blend modern accounting techniques with deep insights into the beauty and e-commerce sectors. Our expertise is tailored to the unique demands of online platforms, managing complexities like sales tax, bookkeeping apps, and software integrations.

We focus on saving you time, so you can concentrate on expanding your business. Our ecommerce accounting services are designed to prevent common financial shortfalls and to create customized tax planning strategies for your business. This way, we ensure that your financial management is not only efficient but also stress-free.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Stanley Nyazamba
Stanley Nyazamba
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I have worked with Anderson Accounting for a while. Ms. Desarie is a very personable, a great communicator and problem solver. Everything is done timely. She has done various projects for my small business.
pascal kabore
pascal kabore
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Great service all the way since first day until every mountain is been leveled in my business and personal taxes. Trustworthy, accurate, on time , responsive and always open to opinions and advises Desarie guided me thru from achievement to …
Nico Gee
Nico Gee
Read More
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Desarie on several tax projects, she pays close attention to detail, is a great team player and has a superb knowledge of the tax code. I highly recommend Desarie both for your personal and …
Grace Okereke
Grace Okereke
Read More
I worked briefly in Atlanta and needed help understanding the US tax system. Anderson Accounting provided me with a professional service that assisted me in getting my financial affairs in order.
Kevin Wesley
Kevin Wesley
Read More
Very helpful thank you so much for our consultation, I look forward to doing business with the Anderson Accouting Co.

Benefits Of Ecommerce Accounting Services

Unlock the full potential of your beauty and e-commerce business with beauty and ecommerce accounting services that understand your market and streamline your finances.

Why We’re the Best CPA for Your Online Business

Align your business with beauty and ecommerce accounting services that adapts to your needs and supports your success.

Your Ecommerce CPA

Desarie Anderson - ecommerce accountant

Anderson Accounting & Tax is run by Desarie Anderson, a Certified Public Accountant that brings a unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience.

With over two decades in both the beauty and e-commerce worlds, she knows exactly what businesses in these areas need.

Interested in a more personalized approach that resonates with the realities of your industry? Get in touch to learn how Desarie and her team can support your journey.

Ever thought about how awesome it would be to have a CPA who’s there for you all year round, not just once a year? Picture having someone to answer all your financial questions whenever you need help. Trust us; it can be a game-changer for your business!


Answers to some of the common questions about beauty and ecommerce accounting services. If you’re still sitting with questions, get in touch with us.

Our fees are based on gross income.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time you choose.

Although most of my clients are in the beauty and e-commerce industries, I also work with other businesses if we are a good fit.

Unfortunately, our service packages come as a complete package. The type of clients we work with are looking for the type of growth and peace of mind only a full tax and accounting service experience will provide.  Our service offering puts our clients on a fast track to excess cash flow, increased net profit, and successful business growth.

Yes, our fee to set up a brand new QuickBooks online account is $975.

Lucky for you, we like to thank our clients by throwing in yearly personal and business tax preparation at no additional charge. This is a free perk you get for working with us all year. Our tax prep service covers the company’s business return and the personal return of the main owner of the business. To enjoy this perk, your subscription must have been active for at least 6 months before December 31st of the year that you sign up.

We appreciate your interest in our services, but currently, we do not have any discounted packages available. Our focus is on providing high-quality services to business owners who are committed to growing their businesses. While we can’t offer additional discounts due to our already competitive pricing, we encourage you to keep working towards your goals, and when you’re ready, we’ll be here to assist you. Thank you for considering us, and we look forward to the possibility of working together in the future.

Although we do not file your monthly/quarterly sales tax returns, we do book sales tax payments in your accounting system. Our suggestion is to work with a company that specializes in sales tax filings because of its complexity. We can make recommendations for you.

Yes we do. Some of the services we offer are offered as a single one-and-done stand alone service.

We support QuickBooks online. We do not support any other accounting software.

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